In 2004 I start making contact with UNESCO, an organization interested in providing education to all, dependent of the United Nations, with headquarters in Paris, to which belong most of the countries of the globe.

On August 25, 2004 attempt to contact the Director General of UNESCO, Mr. Koichiro Matsuura (see above), giving occasion to present my proposal. But answer me on 29 October 2004 (see above) that an intergovernmental organization not authorized to consider petitions from individuals and that I should go to the National Commission for UNESCO Monaco.

Volume contact the Delegation of UNESCO in Monaco, I talk to different people for different reasons, including the exchange of officials, in late May 2005 has not achieved anything concrete.

Given the above, I wrote a personal capacity (June 8, 2005 – see) to the Director General of UNESCO asking him to take the initiative as a part of the incredible benefits that have children in all countries to invest to use this technological support, and the other the fact that UNESCO has among its main goals a project to provide education for all by 2015.On June 28, responds that the only way is that a delegation from the UNESCO enter the project, leaving me to square one (see).

Going back to the UNESCO Delegation of Monaco and I have the luck of the new President welcomes my request and transmits, dated October 26, 2005, the UNESCO project (see).

On February 23, 2006 reply that have embraced this project (see), which are sent to the UNESCO regional office for review and decide the best way to use it.

I keep waiting and three months later, on May 26, 2006, I offer a personal letter to the Director General (see) by telling the story and suggesting how they can be implemented and who will provide the funding.

Seeking to know: What happened to my letter with extensive documentation?, they answer me that they did not find it  and I will ask to the Department of Education, I phoned to Ms Jatta and send this letter(see).

Subsequently, on October 19, 2006 announced that I have favorably reviewed (see) the project and that I apply for financial aid through a program of UNESCO, and through this office in Monaco.

Started in December 2006, sent on 8 Mr Qian Tang (see) a letter saying that all my actions to UNESCO have targeted that they are aware of the advantages of using digital technology, DVD players, can provide to improve the quality of education and language learning in children. I justify that in any case my intention is to profit from personal initiative, but to contribute to the society endowed with an idea of my professional and human capital, and can realize the management of UNESCO.

No response to my fax dated December 8, 2006, by which before the speech by the Director General on May 30, 2007 I react and delivery on 1 June 2007 a letter (see) to the Director General in which I offer me as “Private helper” to help realize the project of UNESCO to better education for all.

On 10 July 2007 replied to me through Mrs. Ana Luisa Machado (see) I should start again because it is essential to seek a national commission of a country that supports the idea.

I keep waiting, making phone calls without being heard, in late September 07  I can talk with Ms Holmey,  Secretary of Mr. Matsuura, whom I sent the following Email (see)

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