Unesco MAI 26 Mr. K. Matsuura

MONACO May 26, 2006

Mr. Koichiro MATSUURA


Mr. Matsuura,

My desire to cooperate in improving systems of primary, secondary and technical-professional leads me to contact you again to you some actions for the implementation of this project to create a material quality education … “which, if it were to be applied in many countries could be eligible for hundreds of millions of children who could access a better education, all at a cost of less than ‘1 EURO per year per student.
I am referring to our previous exchange of correspondence, I am enclosing, namely:

1) My letter to the Director General of UNESCO on 25 August 2004.
2) Your response (ref: ED/EO/CTE/04/112 dated October 29, 2004 under the signature of Mr. Qiang Tang)
3) The letter that I sent to you as an individual dated June 8, 2005.
4) Your response (ref.: ED/STV/GSE/05/42 dated June 28, 2005 under the signature of Mr. Wataru Iwamoto)
5) The letter from Mr Roger Passeron, President of the Monegasque National Committee, dated October 26, 2005, sending you the project.
6) Your response (ref: ED/HED/RIQ/06/12 dated February 23, 2006 under the signature of Mr. Quian Tang)
7) The letter from Mr Roger Passeron dated February 28, 2006 sending me your reply of 23 February 2006, and
8) A copy of the draft submitted by Mr Roger Passeron your services dated October 26, 2005.
If you share the same ideals as me and you have to heart to leave a legacy of your visit to UNESCO, I would suggest these three initiatives, which, in my opinion, would be able to achieve the goal Project to bring within the reach of all quality education.

1) To ensure that UNESCO’s first inform all Permanent Delegations of the existence of this initiative and subsequently organized a meeting of representatives of the Ministries of Education of the countries likely to want to participate. The agenda of this meeting should be: a) developing a program to motivate and train teachers to use DVDs in the educational classes, and b) establishment of committees composed of experts in education for the choice of subjects to be included in educational programs.

Regarding the production of necessary equipment and funding of project costs, there would be:

– 2 –

2) Get in contact with a foundation, for example, “Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation or any other in your appreciation for it assumes the burden of the creation and production of DVDs with the materials selected by the Commissions Experts in education.
I sent myself a letter to Mr. Bill Gates explaining the reasons why he could assume the cost and the realization of this project (copy attached).
3) Make contact with Mr. Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom, which recently invited all the organizations related to education to coordinate action to improve the educational level in developing countries and placed at their disposal to achieve this 12 billion euros.
We must consider that in the UK is the BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation which has the capability to produce virtually the same programs that the Foundation “Melinda & Bill Gates”.

I remain at your disposal for any questions you raise.

Hoping that my intervention will pave the way for the realization of the project, which is close to my heart, please accept, Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration.

Dámaso A. García Guzmán
5 Impasse de la Fontaine «  C «
PHONE-FAX : (00) 377-93254188
MC-98000     –    MONACO
Email : daggmc@hotmail.com

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