My partner frequently watched television and thought Spanish President Zapatero when he offered the alliance of civilizations and their commitment to the goal of a fairer world was sincere.

Therefore I was convinced to write a letter to President Zapatero  to expose the project  and expressed to him how it could help the children of Latin America  and Africa if was inplemented.

After many phone calls she received a response letter that advised her to contact a public agency and look at information on the Internet.

Many telephone calls were made without any results. In April 2007, in a blow of optimism and a press information We decided again to make contact with officials in Spain. See contact

Contact was made with this organization, found a sympathetic listener in Mrs. Carmen Candioti, from Argentina who really wanted to help and took note of the proposal and how its implementation could be achieved, unfortunately in a restructuring was transferred to another division and disgracefully the person who replace her was not interested in continuing to promote the project.

It is necessary to mind that Spain is one of the countries that most need to have a trilingual material in their schools, because their autonomies want to use their local languages such as Catalan, Basque, etc.. Instead of Spanish, which in my opinion would be great for Spain to count with  educational materials in the regional languages, Spanish and other of their choice, it could be Chinese, English, French, etc.

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