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Everybody will agree that to give education and training is one of the best ways to overcome poverty in the world.

Now, thanks to technology, we can reproduce, keep or transfer Educative audiovisual programs at minimum costs. For example a hard drives of one terabyte, able to keep 1000 hours of programmes, can be bought for less than US$150.

Prices of screens for TVs and Computers are each day cheaper. A DVD+RW DISK that can be taped more of one thousand times will cost less than one dollar.

Given these facts, I envision a project to produce audiovisual educational programs, allowing all teachers at school to give students a higher level of knowledge and qualifications, which will offer them the possibility to overcome poverty.

The objective of the project will be the creation of STANDARDIZED educational programs dubbed and subtitled in three languages at choice, which allow learning in an easy and playful way.

These programs should be given to the schools and colleges that want to prepare their students and citizens for a globalized world.

In my opinion, these educational programs should include:

Materials for supporting the normal curriculums for elementary and secondary schools, other for the training of manual workers and other for meaningful entertainment for children and their families.


By creating educational programs for use in a great number of countries, we will
get implementation costs of less than 1 DOLLAR per student per year. Cost analysis available.

If we give a basic STANDARDIZED education to students all over the world, they can later establish economic and work relations with people in other countries. Example: India and Ireland during the last 15 years.

Therefore, I believe that every country will wish to have a STANDARDIZED educational curriculum and a language that allows all citizens free movement and communication inside their territory.

In a globalized world, the “TERRITORY” is our planet.


The first step is to raise awareness of the usefulness and benefits of this approach, so that national and international organizations related to education will be motivated to implement the project.

Once it is approved, it will be necessary to set up international commissions of educational experts, who will choose subjects and materials to be included
into a STANDARD for use worldwide.

The following step is the production of these programs and their distribution to schools, colleges and libraries of the countries concerned.

I think that, in optimal conditions, these educational programs could be utilized by some 20 millions of teachers allowing them to give a better education to some 1 billion of students, who could then finish their studies with a similar level and a working knowledge of at least two languages. This will considerably improve their opportunities of success in a global society.



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