Mr. Balls

Edward Michael Balls
U. K.

MONACO August 3, 2006

Dear Mr. Balls,

I write you, because I read in the newspapers that you are an adviser and a friend of Mr.
Gordon Brown and I saw on T.V. that Mr. Brown said in Mozambique that he was totally committed to help to educate Children around the world; and also said that he is putting 8 billion
Pounds on his commitment ….

Therefore, I am sending you a project, which at very low cost can help to improve education, as you can see in the COST ANALYSIS that is made in Euros, the cost per year per student is only 58 cents 33 of a Euro, which is about 40 pennies per year per student.

If this project would be accepted world wide, each student can benefit from it and find himself on a higher educational level, with the knowledge of at least 2 languages, which would increase their chances to succeed in a globalized world.

My professional background is Business Engineering and I have a degree in economics and administration. I am retired and live in the Principality of Monaco. At present, I am studying projects that can improve people’s standards of living and welfare.

My motives are strictly voluntary; my goal is simply to make the people, who are responsible for education on national and international levels, aware of the benefits of this project and how it can impact the life and education of students and teachers all over the world.

I must also inform you that this project was officially introduced to UNESCO by Mr. Roger
PASSERON “Président de la Commission Nationale Monégasque” by letter of 26 October 2005, a necessary step to get the setting up of commissions of experts in education for choosing subjects to be included in the educational programs.

If you have any question, please contact me at the address below.

Yours sincerely,

Dámaso A. García Guzmán
5, Impasse de la Fontaine “C”
MC-98000 – MONACO
PHONE-FAX : 377-93254188
Email :

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