Letter Cox


Santiago, August 2, 2002.

Mr. Damaso Garcia
Fax: 325 41 88

Dear Mr. Garcia:
Thank you very much for your fax of July 10 and my apologies for being unable
answered before.
I can inform you that your concern to equip primary schools in the country of
Minimum communications technology infrastructure has been a policy objective
education for the state since 90.
MECE-Basic program (1992-1997), the 900 Schools Program, the program
MECE-Rural, all of which continue to this day, have given all
charter schools in the country, television sets, classroom libraries in the first cycle
basic, 5 textbooks for every student every year and, most important from the
his point of view and concerns about the technology gap, laboratories
network computing with a set of 23 universities that support schools and
Internet access for approximately 80% of tuition. I am referring to
Links project and its development and impact.
His specific proposal to develop an investment in DVDs, will reach
responsible for investments in learning resources to the Minister of Education,
for consideration.

Without further ado and congratulating you for your interest in contributing to improved policies
quality and equity of education in his country.

Yours sincerely.

Cristian Cox D:

Curriculum and Evaluation Unit
Ministry of Education.

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