MONACO November 15, 2006

Dear Sirs,

First, thanks for your commentaries about the project of creating high quality Educational Materials in DVDs for everyone, to radically improve Education, skills and
the knowledge of languages around the world.

I am sending you again: the letter to Mr. Balls, an article describing the IDEA, the Project with it COST ANALYSIS in POUNDS, my last letter to the Director General of UNESCO in French, and 4. HOW TO MAKE THIS PROJECT WORK.

I hope someone can read French in your Department and can translate the letter; if not please let me know, and I will make the translation.

As you will see from the Documentation attached, I am a business engineer, not a teacher or an educator, for that I am not qualified to participate in choosing the subjects to be included in the Educational Programs. UNESCO must define the subjects through his Branch in Geneva specialized in Curriculums, and also getting the advice and the participation of the Ministeries of Education and Experts around the world.

But, as also you will see in my letter to Mr. Koichiro MATSUURA, Director General of UNESCO, it is necessary that the People with High Positions in Education have the interest and the personal commitment to concrete this IDEA, and make the project of “EDUCATION FOR ALL” a reality, and not only empty words.

For that, if Mr. Gordon Brown, that pledge to be the most interested person in the world in improving Education and in eradicating poverty:

1) Call to the Director General of UNESCO and pledge to Finance the cost of making the Educational programs, when the subjects are decided, and
2) Call the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and ask them to contact UNESCO:
a) To offer them advice to define the Subjects, and
b) To offer them, that they can made the DVDs Programs, when the subjects are defined.

We will be really doing something concrete to make this IDEA a reality, and open in this manner the possibility that; the ONE Billion children actually in the schools and the 125 millions children that began Education every year can get a radically better Education, the knowledge of at least two Languages and “ALL OF THAT” for a COST of ONLY 30 pennies per year per student.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dámaso A. García Guzmán
5, Impasse de la Fontaine “C”
MC-98000 – MONACO
PHONE-FAX : 377-93254188
Email : daggmc@hotmail.com

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