As I was born in Chile, where I lived until I was 50, I wanted my idea to improve the education of children in the world began in Chile for that I made contact with some friends, including two teachers: Danilo Salcedo and Pedro Godoy.

Unfortunately they did not take any initiative by which I communicate with Dr. Francisco Huneeus Cox who suggested that I may contact a relative, who worked in the ministry of education.

I sent him the educational project had already been sent to my teachers friends. After many calls I received the fax attached.

As though what is stated in the fax, I saw that it was not true because schools were not equipped with the means to use images in the classroom, I tried repeatedly to contact the Education Minister Sergio Bitar Chacra, who had been fellow mine at the Instituto Nacional unfortunately, despite the promises of their secretaries that he would hear me, he never did.

In 2005 while trying to enter the project to UNESCO I made contact with the Chilean delegation in it, also unsuccessfully.

In the year 2008 when I saw that the new Ambassador of Chile in France was Mrs. Pilar Armanet, who was also the representative of Chile to UNESCO and had worked on it, I made telephone and letter contact based on which, she sent me a letter informing me that my project had been sent to UNESCO and the Ministry of Education of Chile. ( view Reply )

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