Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

For people informed, I think the “Bill and Melind Gates foundation” is one of the largest and the world.

For that was why I always dreamed that the foundation of Bill Gates undertake the education project conceived by me.

I worked and worked on my head trying to figure out what would be the best way to contact his foundation?, finally in early December 2005 I sent him a letter with the project and a poster waiting will come to his hands and the project could begin to be realized, unfortunately, despite having made repeated attempts through email and phone with a wall I  could not reach him or any human that listen and look the project.

Discouraged by the situation turned to Microsoft Spain thinking that because my language is Spanish I could get someone that help me to contact the foundation of Bill Gates.All telephone and email efforts were unsuccessful.

Seeing in the press the views of Bill Gates and his desire of trying to make a better world improving education, health, etc. I tried  that Gordon Browm and Director General of UNESCO talked with him about the project.

When I know that Warren Buffet (one of the richest men in the world) would donate 90% of his fortune to the foundation of his friend Bill Gates try to make contact with Warren Buffet, I spoke with one of his secretaries, Md Lim, whom I suggested that I take a letter addressed to all the background to the foundation of Bill Gates with a copy to her, who would tell it to his boss Warren Buffet.

After sending the information that manages phone contact with her and I said “The things that people invented to make money” was not entitled to my intentions, because not only did not seek money, but in my modest way compared to WarrenBuffet and Bill Gates was willing to donate half of my savings in relation to the advance of the project and all my staff available to help free their concretization.

Subsequently send the project to Microsoft in the U.S. with the hope of opening a door to connect me with Mr. Gates but only managed a brief letter.

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