Letre Mr. Gates


MONACO, December, 07 2005


I am taking the liberty of addressing this letter to you, concerning my
project to educate children all over the world. This, in light of your
great interest in education and, of course, the existence of ” The Bill
and Melinda Gates Foundation.”

This project, I think, would allow us to diminish poverty, because we
will give to millions of children the opportunity to have access to a
better training, to speak more than one language, and to have an
education that could make of them better citizens and better human

It seems to me that you would be the one personality on our planet
most able to implement this project, because :

1) You can choose and determine, what are the best audio-visual ma-
terials to put in the educational and cultural programs.
2) You have the means to have these programs dubbed and subtitled
in the main languages of the world like : English, French, Spanish,
German, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Swahili, etc.etc..
3) Thanks to your company “Microsoft “, present all over the world,
you would be able to establish the necessary connections and to
persuade the governments, ministries of education and teachers
to use these programs in order to favour education as the best ins-
trument to defeat poverty and under-development in the world.
4) And moreover, “Microsoft ” would be able to sell these educatio-
nal programs to all the parents interested to own them, all over
the world.

Thanking you kindly for your consideration of this project and look-
ing forward to be hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely yours,

5, Impasse de la Fontaine ” C “
MC-98000 – MONACO
Email : daggmc@hotmail.com
PHONE-FAX : 00 377-9325-4188

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