Bill Gates July 20, 2006

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Gates III
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
P.O. BOX : 23350

MONACO JULY 20, 2006

Dear Mr. and Mrs. GATES,

I write this letter after having tried for more than 7 months to contact you, to let you know a project that, in my opinion, can help to improve Education of more than 1 billion children around the world, if it is implemented and used for the Educational Authorities of all the countries that could receive and use the Educational Programs.

I mentioned the time I have spent trying to reach you, because I want you to be aware of the difficulties that a citizen of U.S.A. or of any other country can have if they want to send you an useful idea.

I first send the letter, the project and the Poster – attached- on December 7, 2006,
to the three Email addresses of your Foundation, available in the Internet, only one of them answers twice negatively, as you can see in the prints of the Emails.

I called the Foundation several times, always only a machine answers, for the first time in March I got a human being that advises me to send a Fax to Inventions in Microsoft; I did it on March 10, 2006, and I did not receive any type of answer yet.

Because I am a Chilean of Spanish origin, and the project needs in my opinion the participation of Microsoft, I contacted Microsoft, Spain, without any result.

Because I heard in the news about your friendship with Mr Warren E. Buffett, for whom I have great admiration, I thought that perhaps I could contact him to get the project through you, and when I watched on TV that he was donating his money to your Foundation, I decided to call him.

On July 17, I spoke with Ms Lim one of his secretaries, who suggests me to write this letter and send it to this P.O.BOX, putting on the envelope that it is an Educational Project.

I hope that this time you can read the Project, and my dream to help hundred of millions of poor children around the world to get a better and bilingual Education for less than 1 Dollar per year per children will become a reality.

Mr. and Mrs William H. Gates III
July 20, 2006-07-18
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My professional background is Business Engineering and I have a degree in economics and administration. I am retired and live in the Principality of Monaco. At
present, I spend my time studying projects that can improve people’s standards of living and welfare.

My motives are strictly voluntary; my goal is simply to make the people, who are responsible for education or interested on improving education on national and international levels, aware of the benefits of this project and how it can impact the life and education of students and teachers all over the world.

I attached my curriculum to give you an idea of my life, and now I could devote a part of my time and my money to help to carry out the project.

I must also inform you that this project was officially introduced to UNESCO by Mr.
Roger PASSERON “Président de la Commission Nationale Monégasque” by letter of 26 October 2005, a necessary step to get the setting up of commissions of experts in education for choosing subjects to be included in the educational programs.

Thank you for taking time reading this proposal,


Dámaso A. García Guzmán
5, Impasse de la Fontaine “C”
MC-98000 – MONACO
PHONE-FAX : 377-93254188
Email :

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