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<!–:en–>Watching the news I read that Gordon Brown during a visit to Africa (Mozambique)moved by what he see, offers to deliver 15 billion dollars to help improve education in the world. At this news I try to make contact with the office of one of the main advisers to the prime minister. I get the information by telephone and sent him, after some time I was informed that my project has been well greeted by Mr Balls. <!–:–> Continue reading

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Brown pledges $15bn for schools plan

Gordon Brown will launch a $15bn crusade to end the “scandal” of the 100 million children worldwide who are denied the chance to go to school. He will commit Britain to spend $1.5bn (¬£860m) a year on Third World education … Continue reading

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Mr. BallsSr. BallsMr. Balls

Mr. Edward Michael Balls U. K. MONACO August 3, 2006 Dear Mr. Balls, I write you, because I read in the newspapers that you are an adviser and a friend of Mr. Gordon Brown and I saw on T.V. that … Continue reading

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D F I D U.K. MONACO November 15, 2006 Dear Sirs, First, thanks for your commentaries about the project of creating high quality Educational Materials in DVDs for everyone, to radically improve Education, skills and the knowledge of languages around … Continue reading

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